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What is Temporary Health Insurance?

Temporary Health insurance provides comprehensive temporary medical insurance coverage that guards against catastrophic costs of unexpected medical bills. Temporary health insurance covers a wide variety of needs, from 30 to 365 days (depending on state of residency), and it allows you to use your own doctors and hospitals.
When you need affordable health insurance and are between permanent employer-sponsored plans, temporary health insurance offers gap coverage that can give you and your family peace of mind. In general, temporary health insurance policies cover physician services, prescriptions, X-ray, laboratory services, inpatient hospital stays, inpatient and outpatient surgeries, skilled nursing facility care and rehabilitation up to a lifetime maximum of $2 million.
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Celtic Insurance Company

Celtic Insurance Company is a major provider of individual health insurance plans nationwide. We offer competitive, quality Celtic health insurance coverage for individuals and families in all stages of life.

Celtic Health Insurance Plans - Permanent Health Insurance
Different people have different needs. That’s why Celtic created the CeltiCare Health Plan, a comprehensive major medical plan with more quality features and benefits to help you customize your coverage, plus, extra options to save you money, too.  With Celtic, you have 4 permanent health insurance plans to choose from.
Celtic Short Term - Temporary Health Insurance
Temporary health insurance coverage for individuals and families 6 months to 64 ˝ years of age. Freedom to choose length of health insurance coverage from 1 to 6 months
What is Celtic Short-Term?

Celtic Short-Term health insurance is a high quality, temporary health insurance plan. In most states, you can apply up to three times for a total of 12 months of coverage.  Just choose the deductible level that best suits your budget, and the desired length of coverage, up to six months.

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